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Al Riadah School in Kuwait

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 Al Riadah School in Kuwait

Maceen Al Sharq Co are an experienced engineering and technology company based in the state of Kuwait. They provide high-end innovative products, high quality professional services and efficient engineering solutions to the Healthcare sector, in order to improve development and the lives of patients.

Experia UK were contacted by Maceen Al Sharq Co to collaborate on their latest project. We were asked to provide a selection of multi-sensory rooms at Al Riadah School in Sabah Al Salem, aiding the development of children with learning disabilities by stimulating their senses.

Based on the brief, we created a number of different rooms based on the experiences and equipment needed to best benefit their pupils. All of the rooms were chosen to fit a specific brief, as they all provide a range of features that can engage all the senses from visual to auditory, tactile to olfactory and vibration. Each room provides a stimuli for everything and everyone, it has a function for every patient regardless of ability and helps patients develop vital skills and independence.

Atlantis was chosen as the ideal complete sensory pool package. The room is designed to make hydrotherapy movement and development engaging with a variety of lighting and projection effects. The room will also help to develop gross motor and physical skills in an exciting and stimulating environment, which is fully controlled by the user through wireless floating switches.

Next to be chosen was Chiaroscuro , which is a UV Dark Room specially designed to stimulate visual experiences and spatial awareness for low vision users. The excitement created by the dramatic surroundings is designed to help improve attention and interaction skills for those with a wide variety of abilities

In addition the MiLE room, or Multisensory Learning Environment, was also chosen in order to combine light, sound, video, vibration, moving air, aromas and even atmospheric conditions into a controllable immersive experience, tailored to the needs of the individual. Regardless of age or ability, teachers can now take their pupils into space, under the sea, back in time, or to anywhere relevant to their teaching themes or their pupils preference.The versatility of the MiLE room means that it can be tailored to all abilities, interests and needs; therefore creating a truly unique and highly engaging experience for the user.

Finally Newtonia was also chosen so that the use of interactive soft play can transform the pupils into a world of sensory adventure. From the movement of the wobble board and see-saw, to the interactive slide producing sounds as you slide down to the colour-changing ball pool; introducing this type of stimulus means users will be more likely to engage with the environment. This room also enables pupils to practice their gross motor skills leading to the development of their vestibular and proprioceptive senses.

We greatly enjoyed working on this project with our long standing partners Maceen Al Sharq Co. Please read our previous case study to learn about another project we have had the pleasure of working on with them and to see what they said about their experience of working in partnership with us.

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