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Autism in all Schools

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Autism in all Schools

Multisensory equipment: not just for special education settings

Every school, whether mainstream or special education, includes students who could benefit from support through a range of specialist sensory equipment.

Autism affects about one in 100 children, with an estimated 71% of children with autism now attending a mainstream school, so it is more important than ever to help students on the autistic spectrum get the support they need to thrive in a mainstream school setting.

How could multisensory equipment benefit your students?

A multisensory room or sensory environment can provide just the right sensory stimulation for those students with autistic tendencies/who are on the spectrum, and can be of benefit for a wide range of sensory integration disorders as well. These unique environments with their monitored lighting, selected auditory systems and special furniture provide just the perfect space for development interaction, social skills, communication skills and thought.

As well as the traditional calming use of sensory equipment, Experia’s innovative and intuitive environments use interactive wireless IRiS technology to coordinate all the equipment in a sensory room and Experia's unique M.I.L.E. (Multisensory Interactive Learning Environment)  system enables sensory experiences to be tailored to individual users.

Sensory facilities in schools can:

  • Promote relaxation and de-escalation to improve a distressed or overstimulated child’s state of mind
  • Help relax and focus students, preventing the distraction of classmates and disruption of classes
  • Helps students progress and develop their movement, balance, vision and understanding of touch
  • Promote independence, confidence and social skills
  • Teach valuable life-skills such as cause and effect understanding, communication skills, teamwork, and recognition and response
  • [For young children] provide encouragement and development of early year skills whilst having fun
  • [For older pupils] use of our MiLE (Multisensory Interactive Learning Environment) enables students to experience personalised immersive environments thereby making learning fun and exciting

When is the best time to install?

With Summer fast approaching, there’s no better time to think about creating or upgrading sensory facilities at your school.  Installation while your children are on holiday will keep disruption to a minimum as well as provide time for staff to learn about the equipment and plan its use in or around lessons, ready for when the children return for the new school year.

Find out more:

The right sensory equipment can make life better for children within your school, but for that to happen, Experia understand that it has to work for your facilities; it needs to be right for your teaching resources, fit your budget and most importantly provide the best support for your students, whatever their abilities.

Experia tailor make bespoke sensory rooms and sensory equipment for mainstream schools to suit any need and budget. Whatever you need from your multisensory environment, you can trust that Experia's sensory specialists will exceed expectations, all the way from initial idea, through to ongoing support.

For information about how sensory equipment can benefit your students, get in touch today on Freephone 0800 612 6077 or Email us.