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Aspergers Syndrome

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Aspergers Syndrome

What is Aspergers Syndrome?

Aspergers Syndrome is a lifelong developmental disability like other conditions on the autism spectrum. It affects the way people interact with others around them, and how they perceive the world around them. Autism and Aspergers are more common in the UK than people realise with around 700,000 people living with Autism.

Those who have Aspergers Syndrome see, hear and feel the world in a different way to those without it. It is something that continues throughout life, and isn’t an illness or disease and therefore cannot be cured. Those with Aspergers syndrome often express that it is a core aspect of who they are as a person.

Autism has a spectrum, most autistic people share certain traits and difficulties. However being autistic will affect people in different ways. Some people who suffer from Aspergers also have to face mental health issues and other conditions to deal with alongside it, requiring a variety of different levels of support.

Those with Aspergers are of usually of average or above average intelligence. For the most part, the learning disabilities prevalent in many autistic people are not present, however there is the possibility they can have specific learning difficulties. Sufferers have fewer issues with speech but can often have difficulties when it comes to understanding and processing language. Many with Aspergers suffer anxiety due to a feeling of being overwhelmed by the world around them.

One of the main traits of the condition is struggling to understand and relate to others – whether that is in a family, work or school setting. Those with Aspergers lack the innate ability most people have to be able to interact with others. Those who suffer often wonder why they are different  and feel these differences make them not understood by others.

Sensory Solutions For Coping With Aspergers Syndrome

As previously mentioned, there is no cure for Asperger syndrome as it is not like a disease or illness. However there are ways to help cope with the condition, including making use of sensory equipment in order to stimulate and calm the user.

A profound effect can be noticed when individuals with Aspergers Syndrome (ASP) regularly experience scheduled time in a multi sensory environment.  Living in a bubble, lack of innate social skills and difficulty with communication is common amongst those living on the autism spectrum.

Spending time in a room that has a combination of projected images, soft lighting, fibre optics and bubble tubes; as well as aromatherapy and soothing digital sounds help to filter extraneous sensory information. This means that the user can organise information better, and then begin to communicate and integrate information better.

At Experia we have spent a lot of time and effort crafting Sensory Solutions For Coping With Aspergers Syndrome. We have sensory products which are designed to make sure each experience provides the maximum benefit. This means that it should reduce anxiety, extraneous movements and sensory blockage while encouraging communication, speech and socialization. The result of this will be the user being calmer and feeling they can express and communicate better.

Experia have years of knowledge and a team of experts who have developed a range of Sensory Solutions For Coping With Aspergers Syndrome as well as a variety of other sensory disorders.  Contact us today and see what we can do to help those in your care.