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Sensory Rooms environments

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Sensory Rooms environments

Sensory rooms are used to create therapeutic environments for both children and adults with sensory related disorders. However, there is benefit to be had by anyone who spends time in one of these rooms, regardless of their sensory capabilities.

The rooms make use of various sensory products that encourage one to use their senses through the use of different colours, scents, sounds and textures. These help to develop skills such as cause and effect, hand eye coordination and shape recognition.

Here are some of the different types of sensory room environments that can be created:

Relaxation Room

These rooms are ultimately designed to create a calm and soothing atmosphere and are most beneficial to individuals who constantly feel agitated or upset.

Dark Rooms

Dark rooms tend to be targeted mostly at individuals with visual impairments. The use of bright fluorescent colours against dark ones is therefore a common feature in this type of room, which aims to provide visually stimulation.

Sensory Pool

Wet areas can also be transformed into sensory environments and can be built around pools, Jacuzzis or bathrooms. Combining the use of lighting with sounds and other stimulating floating devices with water creates a fun learning experience for users to easily swim, float and move around in.

Soft Play Rooms

Soft play rooms are perfect for children as they offer a safe environment for them to let off steam. Soft play equipment is mostly bright in colour with a strong, durable construction that is also quick and easy to clean after use.

Sensory Gardens

Outdoor sensory environments incorporate various scented plants and colourful flower beds with the sounds of insects and birds. This creates a learning environment inspired by nature with the added benefit of other specially designed interactive features.

All these sensory rooms and environments are ideal for encouraging individuals to explore and improve on their confidence and self esteem.

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