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Calming is defined as the effect of soothing and tranquilising.

For those with special needs in which their brains struggle to filter external input or to regulate internal emotions, calming themselves can often feel like a seemingly impossible challenge. When a person finds it difficult to come out of a state of agitation to return to one of calm, this can be very debilitating. It can also cause heightened anxiety in those around them. People affected by these difficulties, whether linked to their Autism, Dementia, or Sensory Processing Disorder for example, may need some sort of compelling distraction from their overwhelming thoughts in order to be able to relax.

Calming sensory equipment works by providing gentle, distracting stimuli to various senses, such as slowly changing coloured LED lights or moving projections, gentle sounds of bubbles or relaxing music, in order to provide a safe and inviting place (physically and emotionally) to escape to and relax. This then enables the release of their anxiety and helps them return their minds to a state of calm, in order to continue their day positively.

Setting up a calming sensory room in your school, home or facility can improve the quality of life of those that often find themselves overwhelmed, by providing a much needed sensory retreat.

Contact us to find out more, or take a look through the calming sensory products and room packages below, specifically designed for calming purposes in a variety of scenarios.

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