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As the ageing population grows more and more Nursing Homes are turning to sensory rooms and portable equipment.

Sensory rooms can be used for many purposes in a nursing home including de-escalation, relaxation, reminiscence or stimulation.

Where a full room is not required or space is at a premium portable equipment can be used to bring the benefits of sensory equipment to the end-user.

The equipment can be used for de-escalation ideal for calming those in an agitated state potentially reducing the need for other interventions.

Sensory rooms can be used as a place to talk in an informal setting and may enable greater interaction and open up communication between someone with dementia and their carers, family and friends.

Our state of the art MiLE is the ultimate sensory room for use in a nursing home. It can be used for reminiscence through a variety of multisensory equipment. For example, aromas can evoke memories long since hidden and with the inclusion of lighting, music, video and more you can almost go back in time.

Machine oil is a great aroma for engineers whilst fresh bread can take people back to when they were baking with their children.

A MiLE - fully immersive environment is a great place for people to relive past experiences in a safe and controlled way.

Imagine being a sailor previously and the entering a room flooded with blue light, the smell of the sea filling your nostrils, the sound of the waves gently slapping the side of the boat, the wind in your hair and a huge video of a boat out at sea – you would be forgiven for thinking you were there right now.

With the use of a patient’s or residents life history book and our MiLE immersive environment, almost anything is possible.

If you want to provide superb care in your Nursing Home and provide awe-inspiring experiences, call the experts Experia on Freephone 0800 612 6077 or email us for a free consultation.

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