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Football Clubs

Thanks to The Shippey Campaign, a fantastic initiative by Kate and Pete Shippey whose three sons all have autism, more and more football clubs are realising the benefits of installing sensory rooms at their grounds to enable people with autism spectrum disorders to attend and enjoy matches just like everyone else.

For those with sensory difficulties, the large crowds and noise at a football match can become overwhelming. By providing adequate facilities to help them relax, your club will be catering to those fans that have previously been unable to bring their children to your games.

Sensory rooms and equipment can be invaluable in helping to promote feelings of calm, as well as developing motor skills and providing great cause and effect learning.

A sensory facility at a football club provides a safe haven where those on the autistic spectrum can watch a live game in a controlled, calming environment. This means that more of your fans are able to enjoy the experience of a live football match.

The sensory solutions listed below are all suited perfectly football clubs' needs, and can all be tailored to your club's colours. Whether you require a fixed room package, similar to the one Experia installed at Vicarage Road, or portable equipment that can be moved from place to place within the stadium as required, as chosen by Middlesbrough FC, our team of sensory experts will work with you to create exactly what you need, with minimal stress and confusion on your part.

So if you want a no hassle sensory solution, call our team on Freephone 0800 612 6077 or Email us

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