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Sensory Products

Experia are market leaders when it comes to sensory products in the UK. Our range of varied products allows us to provide a multisensory experience for everyone, whatever their abilities. The range of sensory items that we offer is based upon a wealth of experience in the sensory industry, which has allowed us to see first-hand just how beneficial these sensory items can be for both children and adults.

Sensory products are an essential part of helping to develop various life skills such as motor, vocalisation and colour recognition. Experia is always developing and designing new sensory products that have not been seen before and help build and develop such valuable skills.

Our range of sensory items work to engage the user in various ways, focusing on sight, sound, scents, movement and tactile feeling, and interaction (which can help develop an understanding of cause and effect). They are designed to encompass every part of a room, quite literally from floor to ceiling, and can be used for different reasons like relaxation, stimulation and concentration.

If choosing individual sensory products and designing a sensory room isn't for you, we offer a range of sensory room packages ready to install. We understand that each case is unique and make sure advice and guidance are given entirely based on users' specific abilities. As a result, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience and can help you decide what sensory items are the right option for you and those in your care. 

Our sensory products and equipment are of the highest quality, designed to help with various abilities and conditions. Contact us today and see how we can help you encourage sensory development for those in your care.

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