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Deluxe Bubble Wall

£2,499.00 £2,998.80 Inc VAT
The Deluxe Bubble Wall is the perfect product for developing vocalisation and tracking skills. Packed full of engaging modes and features, the Deluxe Bubble Wall is truly unique and the ultimate learning tool.
The Deluxe Bubble Wall is a fantastic product for developing vocalisation skills. The product helps to develop, excite and encourage the user by displaying a visual representation of sounds or music being inputted via the microphone. 

Bright LEDs illuminate either side of the bubble wall giving the impression of two bubble walls in one! The Deluxe LED Bubble Wall is ideal for developing vocalisation skills in a fun and unusual way.

Packed full of engaging modes and features, this product really does offer something for everybody. All of the modes have been designed to appeal to a diverse range of individuals, so people of all ages and abilities can enjoy this product.  

Think: sound and music therapy, engaging environment, tracking skills 

Enhance: vocalisation and communication skills, user confidence 

Learn: cause and effect, tracking skills, sound recognition, colour recognition

Key Features:
  • Twenty-six user modes
  • Bright, attractive LEDs
  • Silent running
  • Very easy to clean
  • Simple to use
  • 3-year guarantee warranty

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