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Sensory furniture can support those of any age diagnosed with autism, ADHD and other sensory processing disorders. Using sensory furniture such as sensory chairs, wiggle seats and textured inflated cushions in the classroom or in your own sensory room can help children concentrate and reduce stress.  Sensory room seating can also provide children with discreet sensory input. 

The Benefits of Sensory Seating

At Experia, we offer a wide range of sensory room chairs, including wiggle seats, bean bags and leaf chairs, all designed to improve focus and encourage stimulation. Wiggle seats, wobble cushions and balance discs keep children seated for longer, whilst engaging their core and challenging their balance and body awareness. Settling into a bean bag gives children not only a comfy and supportive seating option, it also provides stimulation through colours and textures from the fabrics and pellet stuffing. When reading or relaxing a leaf chair is the perfect option, this swinging chair cradles the body and provides a gentle swinging motion to aid relaxation

To further enhance the sensory furniture experience, we recommend adding LED sensory lighting and bubble walls to create a fun, immersive environment that is adapted to different moods and wishes. 

Please contact us today to discuss how our sensory furniture can benefit the user you have in mind or to request a free sensory room design. Our team will guide you towards the most suitable sensory solutions for your needs.

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