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What is Qi Wireless Charging?

Put simply, Qi Wireless Charging means that you will never have to replace your batteries again!

Now for the Technical Explanation

Qi, pronounced “chee“ is the Chinese word for Energy Flow. It is the new standard for wireless charging for battery operated devices like mobile phones, MP3 players and cameras.

The wireless power transfer occurs through electromagnetic induction. With inductive charging the required power reaches the device wirelessly through the use of electromagnetic fields, rather than through a traditional charging cable. The principle is very simple: the Qi Sender (Charging Station) transfers the required energy to the Qi receiver (the wireless product).

Big players in wireless charging world are Samsung, Apple and Nokia who are using the technology in their range of smart phones.

How are we using the Technology?

Experia are the first company in the multisensory industry to use this technology. We are pioneering the way with wireless charging by embedding the technology into our range of wireless products. This exciting development means you never need to replace your batteries again!

Our wireless controllers will always be ready to use with rechargeable contactless technology, taking the frustration out of technology for the future!

All Interactive and Superactive product ranges now come with this wonderful new technology built in and more and more IRiS products are being upgraded! If you aren’t sure which products are Qi Wireless Charging enabled just look out for the purple Qi Charging logo!

Think... easy to use, charging at speed and convenience. Interested in upgrading your existing controllers? Give the Experia Team a call on 0800 612 6077.

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