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The M.i.L.E is Experia's unique Multisensory Interactive Learning Environment and is a multi sensory learning experience which can be tailored to the needs of the individual regardless of age or ability. The M.i.L.E makes learning more engaging as it combines light, sound, video, vibration, moving air, and different aromas to create a huge variety of simulated atmospheric conditions. On top of this, it integrates easily with new or existing components from Experia's iRiS range.

The M.i.L.E is one of the best multi sensory learning tools there are, surpassed only by our Wanderlust Immersive Room, which takes the M.i.L.E and adds three touch-responsive wall projections and a floor projection to immerse the users in the experience fully.

Unique and completely versatile, the M.i.L.E can be used in a special needs environment to create a relaxing and calming environment for users with soothing lights and calm music, or it can be used as an interactive, stimulating tool. The M.i.L.E is totally interactive and allows the user to decide what images are shown or what light smells or colours to select, and when. It also functions with a range of highly sensitive switches which can be controlled in a number of ways, so it is accessible for users with poor body movement. For example, for a user who only has limited head movement, small, lightweight IRiS switches can be attached to a head brace, allowing the user to control the M.i.L.E using just a tiny head movement.

Don't just take our word for it; watch the videos below to see how M.i.L.E changes lives!

The M.i.L.E can be a really important tool for people with acute special needs who can learn independence and valuable life skills in an inspiring, rewarding, even magical, environment. Each M.I.L.E scenario can be designed to suit an individual's preferences, encouraging them to take more interest and learn more effectively. This helps develop skills including cause and effect, colour, number and shape recognition, along with gross and fine motor skills.

'The M.I.L.E. provides a great opportunity for them to learn through a sensory experience' - Andy Sloan Rosehill School

The M.I.L.E is also great in mainstream schools. It enables teachers to be more creative with their lessons, bringing the information alive rather than simply reading from a textbook. For example, a history lesson could take pupils back in time to the wild west with the smell of gun smoke, videos of the Pony Express and the sound of horses' hooves galloping. Or, inspire students to take an interest in STEM with visits to the International Space Station, using interactive lighting effects, sounds of rocket boosters, plus the Fog Machine and Jet Stream wind effects initiated in time with video. These multi sensory learning ideas can be paired alongside quizzes and interaction from the pupils, to keep the sensory rewards coming. The full sensory experience can really help to cement ideas and lessons into a pupil's memories.

Any theme or subject can be created with the M.I.L.E, and the only limitation is your imagination. Because the M.I.L.E is totally interactive, it draws the user in and makes them truly part of the experience. 

'The M.I.L.E. is excellent because you can create environments and make them information based' - Jackie Tiff, Castle Wood School

The M.I.L.E was created following an intensive two-year development programme, and the incredible power and flexibility of the system is only made possible by the strength of the software built to drive it. Designed and written specifically for the system, with teachers and carers in mind, Experia's IRiS Room Director software ensures the M.I.L.E integrates with any of Experia's wireless IRiS products.

The software is based on drag and drop to allow easy creation of scenarios which can be tailored to any subject, theme or story. You are in complete control of the scenario you want to create. As well as several in-built scenarios to get you started, you're able to import a large range of different media to integrate into to the system at the click of a mouse (from film clips, sound effects, music, photographs and pictures, to existing Microsoft PowerPoint and Opus presentations). Then, enter your own text and instructions to trigger the IRiS products around the room onto your timeline.

The only limitation is your imagination! Check out the M.i.L.E. Room Packages below, or contact us to talk to one of our sensory advisors about how the M.i.L.E can change your users' lives.

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