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Cause & Effect describes a relationship between actions or events, in which one or more action results in one or more other actions. For neuro-typical people, this relationship is intuitive and natural. It plays a major role in how we understand the world and opens up our curiosity for learning. But for people with special needs such as sensory processing disorder, and those with limited physical or cognitive abilities, cause and effect may be challenged or delayed. This can lead to major difficulties in understanding not only the world around them, but other people's attempts to explain and communicate with them. 

Sensory equipment can open up a new world where the user begins to appreciate the benefits of controlling their environment. The relationship between cause and effect can be specifically taught using sensory equipment designed for this purpose. For someone who lacks control, this can be life altering. The suggestions below provide useful tools for teaching not only cause and effect understanding, but a variety of other life-skills. Alternatively, why not contact us today to speak to one of our sensory advisors about creating the perfect sensory environment to meet the needs of your users.

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