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Development of choice: The act of deciding on a preference between two or more possibilities, and having control over making that preference become reality.

For someone with severe physical difficulties or brain injuries which mean they're confined to a wheelchair and must rely on someone else to dress and feed them, opportunities for control over their own lives are often few and far between.

The multisensory equipment in a suitable interactive sensory room can provide these users with a life-changing experience. When they are given control of their surroundings through the use of accessible switches and controls, they can experience a whole new world of empowerment.

Experia's IRiS technology, founded on the ethos of accessibility, means that any user is given the opportunity to control any of the highly stimulating sensory equipment in the room, for an instant and exciting reward for interaction.

Development of choice is not just limited to users with extremely restricted abilities. For those with other abilities, from Cerebral Palsy to Dementia, many aspects of day-to-day life can still be dictated for them, which will have an impact on their self-image and mental health. Being given this empowering sense of control can build valuable leaps of confidence that can transfer over into the rest of their lives.

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