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Sound and Music Therapy

Sound and music therapy - the use of sound and music to treat patients with pain or neurological issues - Soundbeam

The effects of sound on our nervous system are profound. Sound and Music affect our emotional responses and can have a significant impact on our overall well-being. Controlled use of specific music, chosen for the appeal it has to the individual user, can help to elicit specific responses in individuals with learning differences, Autism, ADHD and other different abilities, whether that's for encouraging interaction through exciting the user, or for calming and relaxation when their sensory challenges leave them feeling overwhelmed.

For those with Alzheimer's or other forms of Dementia, sound and music can be used in Reminiscence activities to help the individual feel more at ease and in control. Regular attendance in a multisensory room can open up a new world where the user is now a part of their environment. For someone who lacks control, this can be life altering. Setting up a sensory room in your school, home or facility may improve the quality of life and provide the much needed sound and music therapy. As well as the use of our Immersive MiLE Rooms to provide a holistic approach to your sound and music therapy, Experia also provide a range of sensory music and videos which can be used at home or if your budget is tight. Check out some of the ideas below, or contact our sensory experts today if you want to find out more how Experia can help you change lives.

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