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In 2017 it was found that nearly 3 in 10 prisoners have some form of learning difficulties or special needs. The environment in prison is overwhelming for people who do not suffer from sensory overloading, so it can be a very difficult place for those who do.

There is not a lot of care put in place for those who need it in prison, so a helpful addition to this environment would be a sensory room, filled with sensory equipment that a prisoner can go to calm down and relax their senses if they need too. It can also be helpful as a safe space to hold therapy classes, away from the intense surroundings of everyday prison life.

Experia tailor makes sensory equipment and bespoke sensory rooms to suit any establishment or budget, taking the users into consideration, every step of the way.

We also offer a free 3D room design service, if you need some help with designing your sensory space. With the help from our expert sensory advisors, we can help you create the perfect environment for the needs of its users, knowing exactly which sensory products complement one another.

You can also request a product catalogue or DVD to get some more ideas for your sensory space. For information about our products and services, please get in touch today on Freephone 0800 612 6077 or email us. Our expert advisors are always on hand to help and advice so that your sensory space is the most beneficial it can be for users.

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