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Tactile and dexterity products involve the sensation of touch and texture, which is great for allowing individuals to feel and interact with their environment, in a safe and comfortable space.

Our tactile and dexterity sensory products are the ideal way to encourage interaction with the environment users are in and to stimulate them. This has an improvement both on physical development and the quality of life experienced by the individual. Learning how to react and communicate in these different environments is essential for developing awareness and also cause and effect skills.

Whether fixed to one section of a sensory room, such as a fibre optic carpet or as easily transportable as an IRiS Qube. All of the sensory tactile and dexterity products are able to achieve stimulation, whilst delivering an element of calm for the user.

All of these products would be a brilliant addition to any sensory room, if you are currently thinking of creating a sensory room then please take advantage of our free 3D room design service. We can help advise on the products to go into the room, composed entirely around the users’ needs and preferences so that every element of the room is beneficial to the individual.

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