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Multi Sensory Rooms

Multi-sensory rooms offer huge benefits to a wide range of users regardless of their age or ability. We offer a range of multisensory room equipment to help create your ideal multisensory space. Whether it be interactive or calming, we can help you create the environment you want to achieve for a specific individual.

Our range of multi sensory rooms are completely tailored to each user’s needs. We have a wealth of experience designing and creating multi sensory rooms for a variety of users and locations. Whether the room is designed for multiple users within a school, or for use of a single individual at home, we can design a multisensory environment with you in mind.

Multi-sensory rooms can also help develop skills such as switching and cause and effect to colour or hand-eye coordination. We are proud to offer the best multisensory room equipment in the UK. With a range of accessories, packages and multi-sensory room ideas, we have plenty to offer in the way of inspiration.

Our friendly team of experts is more than happy to work with you to create something totally unique. Please contact us for information and advice regarding multi-sensory rooms.

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