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Hand to Eye Coordination

Hand to Eye Coordination refers to the level of ability to do things that involve your hands and eyes working together. Hand-eye coordination uses the eyes to direct attention and the hands to execute a task. Though traditionally thought of being related to sports, for example catching a ball, hand-eye coordination is necessary for the vast majority of day-to-day activities, i.e. anything that involves reaching for, holding, manipulating and releasing objects. Poor hand-eye coordination can have a wide variety of causes, but the main two conditions responsible for inadequate hand-eye coordination are vision problems and movement disorders. It is also the main trait of Dyspraxia

sensory room is a great place to work on hand-eye coordination. Experia's wide range of interactive switches and multisensory rewards provide an engaging hand-eye coordination challenge, that can be tailored to an individual user's abilities and goals. The stimulating sensory rewards help users to naturally gain confidence in such a necessary skill. This newly acquired confidence can then transfer to many activities outside of the sensory room. Contact our sensory experts today if you want to find out more about how Experia can help you change lives, or take a look through the sensory equipment and room packages below, all suitable for the development of hand to eye coordination.

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