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Sensory fibre optic lights are designed to engage users with visual and tactile stimulation in a safe and engaging way. Experia's sensory fibre optics are made in the UK using the latest LED technology which means bright, vibrant colours and no need to change lamps! They are completely touch-safe and ideal for users of any age.

What Are Fibre Optic Lights?

Fibre optic sensory lights are typically long strands (although can also be much smaller, as in our fibre optic carpet) connected to an LED light source. The light is transmitted down the strand and illuminates it. Because there is no electricity present in any fibre optic light product they are entirely safe to use for all ages and abilities, and they are available in both calming and superactive options.

Benefits of Fibre Optic Sensory Lights

There are numerous benefits to using fibre optic sensory lights, as they:

  • Provide engaging visual stimulation
  • Create a multisensory experience with touch-safe strands
  • Are easy to clean and maintain
  • Can be used regardless of ability or mobility
  • Come in a variety of forms including wall-mounted cascades, shelves, plinths and more

You can use fibre optic lights for autism, ADHD and other sensory processing difficulties, as well as those with visual challenges

To learn more about how fibre optic lights for sensory rooms can be used in different spaces, check out our blog or see our case studies for places that have benefitted from fibre optic sensory lights and other sensory products. If you’re interested in adding fibre optic lights to sensory rooms in your home, school or public sensory space, please contact us today and speak with our expert team. 

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