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Our sensory wall panels offer a multitude of colours and patterns ideal for creating either a calming or interactive environment while developing a number of life skills. Built to the highest standards, these visual, auditory and tactile wall panels are effective additions to any sensory room, producing mesmerizing and striking effects that enhance the sensory experience for all users, regardless of ability.

Sensory wall boards make a great centrepiece if you’re building a sensory room on a budget, and they can be used to support those with autism, ADHD, dementia and visual challenges

How Do Sensory Wall Panels Work?

Sensory wall boards are interactive, wall-mounted sensory tools that encourage engagement among users. They are a perfect tool to help any user practise their physical, visual and development skills in a safe environment that can be both stimulating and calming. 

They are ideal for waiting rooms, school corridors and sensory rooms that are low on space, or simply to ensure you’re using as much of a space as possible.

Benefits of Using Sensory Wall Boards

Sensory wall panels are interactive and immersive, with different models encouraging users to engage in lots of different ways. Users can interact with a tactile wall panel using their hands and feet or with a microphone-operated panel using their voice (or any other way to make noise!). Among other things, sensory walls encourage:

Please contact us to find out more about sensory wall panels or any of our other sensory products. If you are hoping to design a sensory room and would like sensory wall boards to be included, please enquire about our free 3D room design service.  

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