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Our fantastic range of sensory tents work perfectly in a sensory room, sensory garden or as a stand-alone sensory product to help promote a calm and safe space for users. Whether you require a small sensory tent for one user or a pop-up sensory tent to take on the go, Experia can provide the ideal sensory tent for you. 

What Is a Sensory Tent?

A sensory tent provides the opportunity to have a dedicated space where overwhelmed or frustrated users can go to relax and re-set. Whether in a public space such as a classroom, or at home, sensory tents are the perfect way to create a pocket of calm. A great way to achieve relaxation is to opt for a dark den sensory tent or to use other sensory toys and equipment with the tent to stimulate or calm, depending on the user’s abilities. 

To find out more about our selection of sensory tents, or for any guidance on how users can benefit the most from our sensory products, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team. Alternatively, you can always check out our informative blog, to keep up to date with industry insights and discover how to get the most out of sensory spaces and equipment. 

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