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Sensory lighting is a fun, playful and effective way of enhancing storytelling, promoting key developmental skills and teaching colour recognition to both adults and children. Our collection of sensory lights can help you create a fun, immersive environment that can be changed to suit the user's mood and wishes.

What Is Sensory Lighting?

Sensory lighting can come in many different forms, and it is typically characterised by the use of different colours or refraction. Sensory lamps might also include multisensory aspects. As well as fibre optics, bubble tubes and projectors, there are many other ways to create engaging sensory lamps and lighting.

Some of our sensory lighting examples include light spreaders, which bathe the room in a soft glow, fireballs that cast colourful spotlights around the room and mirror balls that refract lights around the walls in a mesmerising style. 

Who can use sensory lighting?

Anyone can use sensory lighting, but it is particularly beneficial for those with sensory processing disorders, including autism and ADHD. It’s important to match the sensory lighting to the user’s preferences and abilities – for example, a photosensitive user might find a mirror ball distressing rather than calming sensory lighting.

Benefits of Sensory Lighting

Where an overhead light or bright white light might be overwhelming, ambient sensory lighting can help to calm and soothe users. It can promote visual stimulation as well as social interaction and participation.

Additionally, sensory lighting is ideal for stimulating users and engaging them with their environments – this is particularly true with our exciting range of IRiS sensory lamps, which allow users to control the colour of the room’s lights with the touch of a button, the throw of a Qube or even with their feet on the balance beam

Sensory lighting can turn any space into a more accessible and engaging area and is ideal when space is at a premium. Sensory lamps can be used on their own or as part of a bigger sensory room, which can have many benefits for users. We also offer a free 3D room design service if you’re looking to create a multisensory space. Browse our range of sensory lamps and lighting today.

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