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Autism is a developmental disability that lasts for a lifetime. It affects the way that the person communicates and relates to others, as well as how they perceive the world and interact with others. Those with Autism see, hear and feel the world differently to others. Autism isn’t a disease or illness, there isn’t a cure and those who are autistic see it as a major aspect of how they are and how they identify themselves. has a spectrum – all those suffering have certain difficulties they but being autistic has different effects on different people.

A profound effect can be noticed when individuals with Autism (AUT) regularly experience scheduled time in a multi-sensory environment. It can be said that individuals with AUT ‘live in a world of their own’. They also have difficulty with social skills and with communication. These things are common amongst those living on the autism spectrum.

Yet spending regular time in a sensory room with softened lights, projected images, fiber optics and bubble tubes in addition to digital sound and aromatherapy can filter much of the incoming extraneous sensory information allowing such individuals the ability to organize and often begin to communicate and integrate information.

Experia's sensory products are carefully designed and selected to maximize the benefits of each experience and thereby reduce anxiety, extraneous movements and sensory blockage while encouraging communication, speech and socialization.

Experia tailor make Sensory Equipment and bespoke Sensory Rooms to suit any need and budget.

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