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A sensory room would not be complete without a sensory light projector bringing a choice of striking visuals to your room. We have carefully refined our sensory projectors to allow you to create unique, immersive scenarios and environments. 

Why Have a Sensory Light Projector?


Sensory light projectors are perfect for theming and storytelling. Use a sensory projector and accessories with effect wheels and relevant sensory sounds and music to create an immersive environment; explore an underwater world or an outer space adventure and make your sensory room a new adventure every day!

You can use a sensory projector in any space, whether it’s a designated sensory room or if you would like to bring some sensory magic to a bedroom or even bathroom


  • Low maintenance

Thanks to Super Bright LED technology, you won’t have to change any lightbulbs.

  • Quiet

Our projectors make very little noise to preserve the user’s immersion and allow for the use of CDs or other audio effects.

  • Plug and play

No fussing with cables and wires! A sensory projector is easy to use; all you have to do is plug it in, fit a rotator and effect wheel and switch it on.

  • Can be portable or mounted

Our sensory light projector is versatile – you can choose to mount it to a wall, floor or other surface or simply stand it on a desk or table. You should ensure that the unit is out of reach of anyone who might hit, swing or pull on it for safety reasons.

  • Encourage development of key skills

A sensory projector in a shared space is ideal for promoting social skills, and encouraging users to name what they see can help with communication. And, of course, don’t forget that as users move around to explore the world projected before them, they’re practising important gross motor skills. 

If you have any questions regarding our sensory projectors, please get in touch with our team today or check out our sensory projector bundle to get everything you need for a sensory light projector experience in one place. 

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