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Our sensory mirrors range offers a great way to encourage self-awareness and develop movement. Use a sensory mirror alongside existing sensory equipment to create exciting visual effects, and help create a stimulating interactive experience that captures attention and imagination.

Whether its mirror balls or a safe mirror to enhance the use of bubble tubes, we have a great selection for you to choose from. All of these sensory mirrors are beneficial in creating their own sensory effect, as well as complimenting other sensory products within a multi-sensory room.

If you need help designing a space that incorporates this product alongside other complementary sensory products, then take advantage of our free room design service. At Experia we have a wealth of experience in designing multi-sensory rooms, check out our case studies, to see some of the previous projects we have worked on. We can help create the perfect sensory space, so that the user you have in mind, can enjoy a space tailored entirely around them.

For more information about sensory mirrors UK, then please contact us so that we can help. Our friendly experts are always on hand to guide and advise on any of Experia’s extensive sensory product range.

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