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Social Interaction

Social Interaction: The way people talk and interact with each other and is a building block of society.

The ability to socialise, get along with others and respond appropriately to social cues is what we call Social Intelligence. Social Intelligence begins to develop from the moment we are born, from the first interaction with our parent or carer. For some people with special needs and particularly those with cognitive delay, neurological challenges, Autism, Asperger's and those who have suffered abuse at a young age, social intelligence can be delayed or under-developed. The inability, yet need, to respond appropriately can be quite stressful for such individuals.

Regular attendance in sensory rooms can have a profound effect on those with social delays. A sensory environment filled with soft sounds, sights and textures can create the perfect calm environment to help individuals regulate their inner voice and responses. In addition, Interactive Sensory Rooms can provide stimulating opportunities to interact with other users in a highly stimulating way, encouraging social behaviour and reinforcing the reward for doing so. This can then transfer across to their daily interactions and change their lives.

The sensory environments and equipment listed below are fantastic for developing social interaction skills. Alternatively, if you'd like to speak to one of our sensory advisors about setting up the perfect sensory environment for your users, contact us today.

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