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Experia's wireless IRiS technology creates a personalised interactive reward system which allows you to use any type of switch, or Talker, to control any product in your sensory room.

The Talker is the "switch", and Experia's range caters for all abilities through a variety of pushbuttons, movement sensors, microphones, pressure sensors, track-pads (see some of the range below)... in fact, if we don't already make a switch for your needs, we'll create a new one for you!

All of Experia's IRiS Talkers can be paired with any IRiS Listener: these are the items that provide the sensory stimulation to the user, whether that be a bubble tube, speaker, light, fan, vibration seat, aroma, or any other multisensory product. Experia's IRiS system allows you to easily modify the control of all your products as you're using them, easily switching from one Talker to another, or back and forth between Listeners as much as you want, in order to suit your specific users' needs, attention and abilities.

This enables you to personalise the learning experience to the user. And unlike a lot of products on the market, one IRiS Talker can control any number of Listeners. Similarly, individual Talkers can be used with individual Listeners, concurrently, in order for multiple people to use the room at same time, and importantly, get the reward that works for them.

For more information about the IRiS system and how it can work for you, please contact us.

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