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Portable Calming LED Bubble Tube Corner

£1,995.00 £2,394.00 Inc VAT

The Portable Calming LED Bubble Tube Corner features a soft padded platform allowing the user to sit close to the bubble tube and feel its vibrations while the two acrylic mirrors give the effect of multiple tubes. Easy to move through doorways the unit can be taken directly to the user. Create a calming environment without the need for a sensory room with the Portable Calming LED Bubble Tube Corner.


Portable Calming Bubble Tube

This product also features a calming mode which slowly changes through 8 vibrant colour variations that are illuminated through the 150mm wide bubble tube. The portable plinth sits on 4 lockable wheels and is available in a range of colour options.

Complete with two shatterproof acrylic mirrors to further enhance the bubble tube effects. The Portable Calming Bubble Tube is 1.5m high and comes with a bracket for added stability and the plinth measures 900mm L X 900mm W X 400mm H. Operates on mains voltage transformed to safer low voltage.

Please note that Bubble Tube Fluid and a Bubble Tube Pump is recommended for the maintenance of the Bubble Tube.

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