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Sensory Toys for Adults

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Sensory Toys for Adults

What are sensory toys?

Sensory toys for adults are designed to help relieve symptoms of sensory processing disorders. There is no one way to relieve these symptoms as they present differently for different sets of needs. As everyone seeks different ways for calmness and comfort, it’s important to recognise the need for a variety of sensory aids as, while one person might need calming down, another might find solace in a stimulating experience. So, what kinds of sensory toys are there and which abilities are they best suited to? We recommend the following toys for special needs adults.

Please continue reading for further details on each:

Bubble Tubes

Bubble tubes are a fantastic sensory toy for people of all ages and provide a relaxing, soothing experience through their bubbling sounds and lit up bubbles. Bubble tubes can be accessed in a variety of ways, so it’s important to determine which needs the bubble tube should meet and where it will be used. The Calming LED Bubble Tube is quite simple and uses a variety of coloured lights to create a relaxing experience for the user, the perfect calming toy for autism.

For those who prefer extra multisensory benefits, the Calming LED Bubble Tube Softie combines a tactile experience with visual and auditory stimulation, with its cushioned softie to sit on. This bubble tube is ideal for keeping at home!

The IRIS, IRIS+, and Touch LED Bubble Tubes are a brilliant way to enjoy interactive elements of the soothing bubbles with the IRIS controller. The perfect blend of cause and effect development and relaxation!

The Mini LED Bubble Tube is also practical for keeping at home, as well as travelling with – ideal for adults who find travelling particularly distressing.

For more bubble tubes, including portable varieties, browse our selection.

Soft Play

Soft Play Equipment can be really reassuring and comforting, allowing a safe and comfortable environment for kinetic stimulation and exploration. Just like our bubble tubes, our soft play toys cater to a variety of symptoms and should be chosen based on their different properties.

The colourful patchwork effect of the Multi Coloured Bean Bag makes it the perfect visual stimulation while also being soft and calming – the ideal addition to the bedroom or living space.

Soft floor pads provide a safe and soft surface for adult sensory rooms and are especially beneficial for adults who crave tactile soothing. For even more tactile relaxation, opt for a sensory waterbed which is also a fantastic addition to a sensory room and provides a highly relaxing experience, perfect for soothing agitation or anxiety.

The Fibre Optic Tunnel is a lovely place for adults to retreat to when they might be feeling overwhelmed, especially with soft floor pads laid underneath.

Along similar lines to the Fibre Optic Tunnel, also particularly effective in dark spaces, the LED Fibre Optic Softie allows adults to sit in a soft environment while enjoying a tactile and visual experience of handling the fibre optic strands.

UV Toys

Perfect for visual processing difficulties, UV products inspire visual interaction and development, including hand-eye coordination, in an engaging way.

While anybody can use the UV Fibre Optic Wall Cascade, the 2500mm strands and pivotal wall-mounted bracket allows it to be accessible to wheelchair or standing frame users to help create a tranquil environment as the strands scroll gently through eight colours.

For a more portable solution, UV Strands make for portable and tactile stimulation, perfect for adults who would benefit from a discreet, sensory toy while out and about.

Very different from both the cascade and the strands, the beauty of the Fibre Optic Bore is that it can also be used underwater in a bath or hydrotherapy pool. The glow passes through the tube and ends with a focussed light at the end.

Tactility and Dexterity

Tactile sensory toys for adults encourage them to engage with touch and texture to serve as a bridge between adults and their environment.

The Fibre Optic Carpet offers fantastic flooring for a sensory room, letting users get close to the starry lights and feel soothed and relaxed.

Also on the ground, pressure mats can help improve dexterity skills for hands and feet, as well as developing switching and recognition.

We hope you feel better equipped to choose the right sensory toys for adults. View all our sensory products here or speak to one of our friendly team members for more information on any of our sensory toys.