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Maceen Al Sharq Co

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Maceen Al Sharq Co

Maceen Al Sharq Co are an experienced engineering and technology company based in the state of Kuwait. They provide innovative products, professional services and engineering solutions to the Healthcare sector in order to help the community. We are proud to have worked on over 20 projects and partnered with this forward-thinking company for over 10 years.

Their lastest project which we were involved with, was to create an immersive multi-sensory room that would fulfil and develop the needs of the children within their care. In order for the room to really make a difference, it was essential that it was designed to cater to all needs and abilities.

After several consultations and close work with Experia, the MiLE room was chosen. Due to its versatile nature, we knew this room would be able to provide stimulation and learning development, helping children of varying needs. The multisensory learning environment is designed to use a combination of light, sound, video, vibration, moving air, aromas and even atmospheric conditions into a controllable immersive experience in order to help each child become more engaged in their learning.

Using our specially designed IRiS Room Director software, the occupational therapists can now create bespoke themes, specific to what will best benefit the individual.

Simply by dragging and dropping multiple videos, images or triggers for any of the IRiS sensory equipment onto a simple to use timeline, the therapists can now take their users into space, under the sea, back in time, or any other location which enhances their learning experience.

The option can even be set up for the user to initiate the sensory equipment themselves or they can just use the room without having to worry about switching individual aspects on, the choice is available each time.

The adaptability of the MiLE room means that it can be tailored to all abilities, allowing therapists to teach and develop the learning of individuals as well as being able to use the space as a calming or stimulatory therapy for users with emotional and behavioural difficulties. The room provides a range of features that can engage all the senses from visual to auditory, tactile to olfactory and vibration.

Everyone involved with the project was happy with the finished room and we are so pleased to hear that there are plans for many more rooms in the future. from Maceen Rabih El Khazandar Al Sharq Co said, “Yes of course, we would recommend Experia, they are our partner and we want to grow up together in this business.”

If you need expert advice or require additional information for your own multi- sensory project, please contact our expert and friendly team so we can guide you through the process. Alternatively, call our freephone helpline on 0800 612 6077 to speak to an adviser right away and we’ll be happy to help.