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Sensory Room Maintenance

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Sensory Room Maintenance

Maintaining a well designed sensory room is easy.  We have put together this Sensory Room Maintenance guide to help assist. We suggest checking the following regularly, especially if the room has heavy use:

  • Check that no mains outlet cables can be seen. If they are visible, then they need to be placed into trunking.
  • Check that all wall mounted product are secure.
  • Check that all ceiling mounted products are secure.
  • Check the bubble tube brackets to ensure they are tight. (they may work loose if rocked back and forth repeatedly).
  • Check that there are no damaged products. If there are then they may need to be removed or replaced.(If this is the case then please visit the technical support section of our website to find out how to deal with this).
  • Ensure there are no sharp edges/corners in the room.
  • Ensure all products operate as they should.

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