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Benefits of Sensory Soft Play

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Benefits of Sensory Soft Play

Advantages of Sensory Soft Play

There’s nothing quite as appealing to young children as a soft play area. Pillows, cushions, bolsters, wedges and tunnels can create an environment while fostering a sense of wonder that will encourage exploration, creativity, motor planning and gross motor skills.

Soft play can be set up in a classroom, sensory room, gym, clinic, pre-school or home. You just need a space and the rest of the pieces will fall into place. (At Experia we're experts on this and we can offer you free 3D room design to help get the most out of the space that you have)

With winter on the way, the time is right to consider the options for indoor soft play in order to help keep those in your care stimulated and developing in an environment that will allow them to play and learn simultaneously.

Social Skills

Parallel play is common in the toddler years, yet soft play is not limited to preschoolers. Older kids love to hang out on soft cushions and interact with one another. For some, social skills develop naturally, and for others, a motivator or safe place is needed. Soft furniture can provide a hangout for such interaction and development. Using lights and sounds can also enhance the soft play area and make it even more enticing.


With soft furniture, comes security and comfort. Feeling at ease with your environment and your surroundings can create a more secure view of the world around. With softness also comes safety and security that can lead to movement and development.


Think out of the box. This comes from childhood exploration. Soft play can be set up for motor skills, balance activities, pretend and to explore. Create a tunnel, a fort or a playhouse.

Motor Skills

Soft play encourages large motor development. Kids can work on stepping, climbing, crawling, jumping and rolling. Having an open space with good sensory lighting can provide just the sensory motor diet needed to move and learn. With movement can come speech and language skills as well as education.

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