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Bubble Tube LED Technology

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Bubble Tube LED Technology

Bubble Tube

A bubble tube will naturally form the focal point of any room. They have the distinct ability to effectively draw the attention and interest of those around them with their use of eye catching colours and moving bubbles.

The bubble tube works by pumping water inside of it which is then blown up by air, causing bubbles to rise and shimmer in the colourful lights. Some tubes give their user the ability to control their colour changes through the use of buttons, whilst others are constructed with a mirror for an added visual effect, or attached to a plinth for the user to sit on and marvel at their vibrancy close up.

The combination of colours and bubbles exudes a relaxing effect that is both soothing and visually stimulating, with soft, subtle vibrations and the sound of bubbles that naturally draws one to reach out and touch it.

These features have been proven to be beneficial to individuals with various sensory processing disorders as they encourage therapeutic reactions and the development of communications skills. The tubes can be safely used in sensory environments such as multi sensory rooms, calming rooms and dark rooms.

LED Bubble Tube

The latest bubble tube LED technology will ensure that your tube is always shining bright. Unlike other light bulbs, LEDS never need changing and even if they’re never turned off, will still last you for many, many years.

The bubble tubes come in various sizes including a very large and huggable 200mm. Each one boasts its own unique selection of features, from stylishly curved bases to clear domed lids which allow the brightly coloured light to shine onto the ceiling above for an added visual effect.

Bubble tubes do not require a lot of maintenance; however there are a range of supplies and accessories that can be used to ensure you and your sensory environment always get the most out your tube.

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