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Experia Sensory Solutions

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Experia Sensory Solutions

What are Sensory Solutions?

Sensory solutions, is a broad term used to describe a range of products and environments. These have a key role in helping those with a range of sensory conditions and abilities. Sensory solutions come in all shapes and sizes, different people have different sensory requirements and a sensory solution for one may not be the right option for another.

Experia have a wealth of experience when it comes to creating sensory solutions. We can help provide a range of options and solutions to help a range of people. Of course the right solution depends on the users. A school or other establishment has a range of users and the solutions provided therefore have a wider audience to cater for. Smaller establishments or homes can have a tailored sensory solution to individual needs.

What Sensory Solutions Are Available?

Here at Experia we’ve spent a long time honing and developing our range of sensory solutions. We have an insight and knowledge into the world of sensory that is incomparable. We categorise our sensory solutions in a number of ways:

  • Senses – different senses have a different way to be stimulated. Visual and auditory are the two most common stimulants alongside touch (which can be divided out into a number of different branches such as vibration or tactile) and smell.
  • Abilities – with a wide range of sensory abilities, there are also a range of sensory solutions to help them and stimulate or calm the individual. We have a whole host of products, equipment and sensory rooms available which we have spent time developing to meet a wide range of sensory needs.
  • Sectors – different sectors, establishments and industries are recognising the need for sensory solutions in order to be inclusive and accessible. With the help of a team of skilled professionals we have supplied a wide range of sensory solutions that help to create the right environment for a range of users that helps with sensory development.
  • Uses – some sensory equipment has specific uses whereas others can be used for a broad range of things. So for examples, some of our sensory solutions are ideal for calming others are suited to interaction.

Examples of our Sensory Solutions

Experia are experts at providing bespoke sensory solutions to help with sensory development. We can look at the environment that you currently have and then work to create a solution for you. That could be anything from a full blown Superactive sensory room to a few sensory items like a bubble tube or projector or anything in between.

We can cater for areas such as sensory gardens or sensory pools or if space is an issue then our  portable sensory corners are one of our favourite sensory solutions to help take the sensory experience on the move and great an interactive environment wherever the user is.

If you would like to know more about our sensory solutions, what they are for and who they can benefit then get in touch with Experia today!