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Number recognition is the ability to both visually and cognitively recognize, name and understand numbers. For those with dyscalculia (a subset of dyslexia) and other learning difficulties, recognizing and learning numbers is challenging. The use of sensory room equipment can make learning about numbers more interactive and fun and this emotional engagement can help with motivation as well as making the lessons more memorable and therefore more likely to 'stick'. 

For example, Experia's Qube has built-in pockets for inserting images of your choice, including numbers, in order to link the action of turning the Qube with the lesson being taught. Other equipment, such as the Musical Touchwall or Recordable Speaker have specific number modes designed for number recognition activities. Check out the sensory solutions below which can help in teaching number recognition. Or if you'd rather talk to someone in order to plan your perfect sensory room, contact us today. We're here to help!

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