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Dark Room at Al Riadah School

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Dark Room at Al Riadah School

Maceen Al Sharq Co provide innovative products, high quality professional services and efficient engineering solutions to the Healthcare sector. Based in the state of Kuwait, they are an experienced and highly reputable engineering and technology company.

We have worked on over 20 projects with Maceen Al Sharq Co over the past 10 years. The latest project involved designing a number of multi-sensory rooms for Al Riadah School in Sabah Al Salem, providing of therapy for children with learning disabilities by stimulating the senses. As long standing partners, and with years of experience in the design of multi-sensory rooms under our belts, Experia UK and Maceen Al Sharq Co were able to set to work immediately on creating the perfect rooms for the school.

Our UV Dark Room, The Chiaroscuro was chosen as one of the main sensory rooms, as it has been specially designed to stimulate visual experiences and spatial awareness for low vision users. The excitement created by the dramatic surroundings can help to improve attention and interaction skills, particularly for those with a wide variety of other abilities including: ADHD, Downs Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, amongst many others.

The Chiaroscuro provides a stimuli for everything and everyone, having a function for every individual, regardless of ability. It provides a range of features that can engage all the senses including: visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and vibration. Each room also helps patients develop vital skills and learn the art of independence.

A sensory dark room is often used for functional visual assessments, however when a wider variety of UV products are incorporated, it can also be used to develop a wide variety of life-skills. This is due to the stark contrasts created by the UV items and LED lights against the dark setting. As a result, users with low vision are then able perceive and interact with their surroundings much easier.

By following the movement of the UV reactive items and the LED lights of the black musical touch wall, pupils at the school are now able to develop their tracking skills, concentration and also enhance their hand-eye co-ordination. The variety of textures on the UV tactile disc are not only beneficial for low vision users, they also help develop an understanding of different textures in those both hyper and hypo-sensitive to touch.

The Superactive Controller for the LED Bubble Tube can be used to develop cause and effect skills, colour recognition, switching skills, turn-taking and social interaction. Not to mention the dazzling coloured shower of the UV-reactive LED Fibre Optic Cascade and comfort of the UV Fibre-optic Softie, both of which can be utilised either for developing these interactive skills or simply for relaxation.

With a UV take on some of our most popular sensory products, this room also comes with a black pop-up tent. Users can hide away with the resource box’s light-up toys, to truly maximise the UV effect.

The Chiaroscuro Sensory Dark Room package includes:

We are so pleased to hear that the rooms were a great success for the pupils at the Al Riadah School, so much so that they are planning to have many more rooms in the future designed and installed. Our long standing partner, Rabih from Maceen Al Sharq Co, said “Yes of course, we would recommend Experia, they are our partner and we want to grow up together in this business.”

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