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Medical City Building in Qatar

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Medical City Building in Qatar

Recently, Qatar based Expert Medical Projects worked alongside long term partners Experia UK to deliver a hospital sensory room at the Medical City Building. Expert Medical Projects are a highly reputable engineering and technology company who provide inventive products, professional services and use cost-effective engineering solutions to the healthcare sector. 

Why have a medical sensory room?

Expert Medical Project had the task of creating a bespoke medical sensory room in the Medical City Building to assist children with varying abilities, from learning difficulties, mental disabilities, hyperactivity, difficulty of speech and hearing, down syndrome, brain paralysis and autism

A medical sensory room not only creates a calming environment but is also a therapeutic space to assist with children’s development by stimulating their senses to support their needs. Medical rooms in hospitals create a dedicated space to take away from the factors that could create sensory overload within a medical environment; from the bright lights, new noises as well as adjusting to a different environment. 

Sensory equipment for a medical sensory room

After several consultations, the following sensory equipment was chosen to create a unique room that caters to all users and their abilities. 

The children that will be using the Medical City Building sensory room will be between the ages of four to ten years old. It was most important to utilise the space effectively as 90% of users are in wheelchairs.

The sensory equipment chosen was: 

Fixed Interactive Floor System 

Fibre Optic Plinth Bundle

Light Spreader 

IRiS Soft Jet Stream  

Musical Soundboard 

Musical Touchwall 

Aurora LED Sensory Projector 

Bubble Tube   

This equipment, when used to create a bespoke sensory room, makes learning more engaging by combining light, sound, video and vibration into a controllable experience tailored to the needs of the individual, regardless of age or ability. 

A medical sensory room stimulates a wide range of senses. The versatility of the room means that it can be tailored to all users and their specific, interests and needs to help children develop vital skills, to help them towards independence.

Everyone involved with the project was happy with the finished sensory room, Eng. Mohammad Salaymeh, the Rehab Division Manager, said, “This will be a great addition to Medical City. The sensory room is unique, and the IRIS technology and mobile access Experia provides is top quality.”

Experia UK are expert providers for bespoke sensory rooms. If you’d like more information on the bespoke sensory equipment we can provide in hospitals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experienced specialists. Or why not read our blog posts on all things sensory rooms!