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Sensory Products for Adults

As sensory experts, we recognise that sensory products for adults must be suited to a wide range of abilities and uses while at the same time acknowledging that every individual's needs are different. That's why we have created a tailored range of sensory products for adults to include sensory toys for adults with disabilities, learning difficulties, dementia, and sensory items for adults with autism and those on the autistic spectrum. 

Within our collection, we have calming sensory products, like the Sensory Cart and LED bubble tubes, and specially designed adult sensory rooms, like Zoladz, the calming sensory bedroom for those with dementia or interactive toys like the IRiS Qube. Each of our sensory products for adults suits a range of budgets and applications, including at-home sensory or sensory for public spaces such as hospices, hospitals or workplaces.

Sensory activities for adults with sensory issues ensure that individuals continue to be stimulated to enjoy a good quality of life. Encouraging individuals to engage with sensory products means that the five senses – sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing – remain active and that social, communication and physical skills are continually developed.

Please browse our range of sensory products for adults below or contact one of our sensory experts for more information.