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3 Benefits of a Sensory Floor

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3 Benefits of a Sensory Floor

Any sensory environment provides an immersive and truly unique experience for any user. Sensory room flooring is the perfect addition to any multi-sensory room, creating an extra layer of interaction and engagement. In this post, we will discuss all the benefits of a sensory interactive floor, including the best multi-sensory accessories and products to pair it with, to make your sensory space tailored completely to the user.


One of the most beneficial and unique characteristics of sensory room flooring is how accessible it is. For example, the portable interactive floor can effortlessly be transported in between rooms, making it ideal for schools and other sectors. It has locked wheels and an adjustable camera head which provides easy movement through doorways. 

In addition, paired with an integrative floor projection system, even those with limited movement are able to interact with the system. The state of the art camera is able to pick up the smallest movement as the user interacts with the projected images, making it a truly unique and interactive experience for anyone. The projection system can project on the floor or on the ceiling, making it ideal for those in wheelchairs, standing or in a bed. 

Improving Cause and Effect

With the help of a sensory interactive floor, cause and effect skills can start to develop or improve further, depending on the user. The relationship between the projected images on the mat and the movement of the users, allows them to explore the idea of reaction. Thus, making the sensory room flooring a positive way to help develop essential skills, but in a controlled and safe environment for users. Furthermore, Experia‚Äôs fixed interactive floor system allows any image, video or audio file to be uploaded to any of the readily available effects, so a specific patterned sequence can be created for each individual user. 

If you are hoping to add this to your existing sensory room or for a room you are in the midst of designing, we recommend products such as bubble tubes and fibre optics to be included in the same space. To find out what the sensory benefits of bubble tubes and similar products are, please read our previous post on this.

Creates Relaxation

Although sensory interactive flooring is a great tool for developing skills and can be used as part of a teaching programme, it is also an effective tool for soothing and calming. Stress levels can drop dramatically when using the fantastic features of any sensory interactive floor, as it promotes both mental and physical relaxation. If users have trouble sleeping, the projection system is a great tool, creating a calm and relaxing environment.  

If a user has a condition which requires intense treatment or causes them to experience physical pain, the interactive flooring can work as a great tool for calming them down prior and during treatment, as well as helping them to relax through moments of pain.

If you would like anymore information about sensory room flooring options, or multi-sensory rooms and products, then please contact us. One of our friendly experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.