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Special Educational Needs in Schools

Special educational needs (SEN) schools, also known as special schools, provide specialised learning for students with a range of severe learning disabilities. At Experia, we’ve provided sensory equipment and tools for 1,500 special schools around the world – we know how much of a difference it can make to children and teenagers to have access to these tools in their formative years. 

Pupils with less severe learning disabilities will often be placed in mainstream schools and may find it difficult to cope without becoming overwhelmed or experiencing triggers. This may include students with:



Sensory Processing Disorder


As such, it’s vital to be prepared for SEN in mainstream schools to cater to those students effectively. Sensory equipment can be an integral part of ensuring that all students are set up for success. 

Supporting SEN in the Classroom

Supporting SEN in the classroom isn’t just about de-escalating or preventing negative behaviour – it’s about helping every child learn effectively, even if they experience the world differently. 

Even small changes can make a big difference, and some of these changes can be easily implemented both in special educational needs schools and for SEN in mainstream schools. For example, a child with dyslexia might be able to read much more easily if their worksheets are on coloured paper instead of white. A dedicated space for overstimulated students to calm down can help them learn self-regulation skills. 

We offer a range of ways to support SEN in the classroom, including sensory education resources, sensory rooms for schools, sensory education toys and outdoor sensory equipment for schools.

Sensory Rooms and Equipment

We offer a range of sensory room packages and custom designs to turn a space or room within your school into a sensory wonderland. All of our sensory rooms are interactive and encourage students to learn and develop vital skills, including motor skills, communication and de-escalation.

Our collection of calming sensory equipment can be very useful for supporting SEN in the classroom, with mesmerising bubble tubes and fibre optic lights helping to soothe students who are overwhelmed with school. Shared tools can also promote interaction between students, setting them up with valuable social skills for the future. 

We believe that sensory equipment for special educational needs in schools should be the norm, as it can make a huge impact on young people’s lives. Please contact us today to learn more about our sensory room packages or inquire about a free room design consultation. 

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